Yunnan Xinfeng steel, Hunan travel expedition ended - Guangxi Xinfeng Steel Co. Ltd.
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Yunnan Xinfeng steel, Hunan travel expedition ended

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In early March, my company batch organization staff to Yunnan and Hunan trip. In Yunnan, from Kunming to Dali, Chuxiong, Lijiang, all the way to the west, we feel the different local customs and practices, examines the local well-known enterprises. In Hunan, from Zhangjiajie to Phoenix Town, enjoying the Zhangjiajie national Forest Park natural extraordinary as if done by the spirits of the other side of Phoenix Town, experience the charm of the! In the well-known enterprise investigation, unity, mutual assistance, positive spirit to give us the most profound feelings, this is bound to bring more thinking for our future work and the development of the enterprise.