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Guangxi Fangchenggang iron and steel base project supporting construction starte

Publisher:adminPublish time:2014-12-11Return to list

In August 13th, Fangchenggang city in Guangxi Fangchenggang iron and steel project construction headquarters building, held in Fangchenggang iron and steel base 2030 Cold rolling project supporting services framework agreement signing ceremony. Wuhan Iron and steel company deputy general manager Hu Wangming, his manager Zhang Tiexun and assistant general manager Sun Yifeng attended the signing ceremony.

In April and July of this year, Wuhan Iron and steel (Group) company held a succession of "iron and steel base in Fangchenggang will promote social supporting" and "supporting the project construction of 2030 Cold rolled steel base in Fangchenggang, will promote the" sign, the complementary services framework agreement construction project supporting the project report the trial, land acquisition and construction projects and other work for the unity of deployment. After many efforts, effectively promote, and part of the supporting services unit has reached a framework agreement. At the signing ceremony, on behalf of Guangxi iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd., and Wuhan Steel Construction Engineering Refco Group Ltd and other 6 units signed a framework agreement supporting service.

Signed ancillary services framework agreement, in order to guarantee the normal production and operation of 2030 Cold rolling project, to create "specialization, marketization and intensive" matching service system, to avoid disorderly competition, competition, resources, inefficient and invalid configuration, lay the foundation for continuous improve the main and supporting both market competitiveness, marks the Fangchenggang iron and steel base 2030 Cold rolling project supporting construction in full swing.

From "China steel structure net"